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Exhibitions Currently Showing in Alicante Galleries

Museo de Belles Artes (MUBAG), Alicante

For more information see http://www.mubag.org/

C/ Gravina 13-15, 03002 Alicante. Tel. 965 146 780
Homage to Jerónimo Jacinto de Espinosa

Until October 1 

To celebrate the 350th anniversary of the death of Jerónimo Jacinto de Espinosa , natural painter of Cocentaina and excellent representative of the Valencian art of the seventeenth century, the Diputación de Alicante has decided to pay tribute exposing the MUBAG , the only two works that stores in its collection: San Pedro Mártir and attributed Dormition of the Virgin , deposit Elisa Tomás Yusti Foundation.
MACA Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art

Plaza de Santa Maria, 3 Alicante / Alacant 

Tel: 965 213 156

for more information see www.maca-alicante.es 
Lost City
Life in the collections of the IVAM

Until October 15

The central idea of ​​this exhibition is to show works that allow us to know the multiple visions, different spaces and the large number of human lives that have shaped life in the cities in the last century, through works from the collection of the IVAM.
Gift Project

Until 30 September

It is the fourth year that the collaboration between the School of Art and Design in Alicante (EASDA) and the city of Alicante is reflected in an exhibition at the MACA
MARQ Museo Arqueológico Provincial

Plaza Doctor Gómez Ulla, s / n 03013 Alicante / Alacant

for more info see: http://marqalicante.com 
The riddle of the lost cities

Until  7 January 2018

The exhibition plunges us into the jungle, cradle of Mayan culture. Hence the huge temples and palaces appear. As silent witnesses of a lost civilization, cities still have many unsolved mysteries within its walls. The Maya inhabited the Yucatan Peninsula. Their culture develops in a territory that has its center in Guatemala and extends into Belize, and parts of Mexico, El Salvador and Honduras. It reached its peak during the first millennium BC, when kings become divinities and govern cities like Tikal, Palenque, Copan and Calakmul
Archivo Municipal de Alicante (AMA)

Labradors 9 03002 Alicante / Alacant

Alicante in the 30s

Until September 29

The Alicante Municipal Archive presents a tour of our city in the thirties of last century by the photographs of Francisco Sánchez (1905-1974) and the publication Alicante Chart 1933.

Streets, squares, buildings and views of the beaches of San Juan and Postiguet shown in these photographs, while pages of the magazine listed us other aspects of daily life shows, festivals and advertisements of the time 
centro 14

Labradores, 14  03002 Alicante / Alacant

for more info see: www.centro14.com 
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