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Exhibitions Currently Showing in Valencia Galleries

IVAM (Institut Valencia de Art modern), Valencia

For more information see http://www.ivam.es/

Carrer de Guillem de Castro 118, 46003 Valencia Tel. 963 863 000

Ignacio Pinazo y Las Vanguardias From 08.09.16 to 17.09 17

On the occasion of the centenary of the death of Ignacio Pinazo Carmarlench (1849-1916), the IVAM has programmed one of the most special exhibitions around its figure as a just homage to one of its most brilliant artists.

The present exhibition, breaks radically with those doubts, proposing a new reading of his work that underlines the omens of modernity latent in the paintings and drawings of Pinazo. The exhibition shows a series of affinities and formal parallels with artists such as Julio González, Saura, Barceló, Bores, Cossío ... proposing new readings and stories that value the collection of the IVAM collection.

Centro Cultural Bancaja, Valencia

For more information see www.fundacionbancaja.es/cultura/coleccio 

Plaza de Tetuán, 23, 46003 Valencia (Valencia) Tel: 963 875 864 / 964 711 295
Contemporary art (1984-2010)

until September 29

Exposure Contemporary art (1984-2010). Collection Bancaja Foundation , a new exhibition proposal showing the public for the first time together, the work of international artists of the second half of the twentieth century present in their funds, as Axel Hütte, Carmen Calvo, Günther Förg, Helmut Federle, Imi Knoebel, José Manuel Ballester, Juan Navarro Baldeweg, Juan Uslé, Julian Opie, Manolo Valdés, Miquel Barceló, Miquel Navarro, Sean Scully and Soledad Sevilla.

Francis Bacon
The question of drawing

Until October 15 

Bancaja Foundation presents the exhibition Francis Bacon. The question of drawing a sample with more than fifty works on paper by British artist from the collection of Christian Lovatelli Ravarino, journalist and friend of the painter for years. The sample arrives at the headquarters of the Foundation in Valencia after his recent visit to the Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid.

For years the idea prevailed that Francis Bacon did not draw sketches for his paintings and drawings in its own right or, as he sometimes claimed. However, since his death in 1992, other evidence has disproved this conclusion, finding that Bacon not only drawing but did prolifically and masterfully. The works exhibited are part of the extensive collection of 600 drawings that Bacon gave his friend Ravarino, signed by the artist and dated between 1977 and 1992
Museo de Bellas Artes Valencia

St. Pius V 9 46010 Valencia

Museo Nacional de Cerámica y Artes Suntuarias González Martí

Poeta Querol, 2 46002 Valencia

for more info see: http://mnceramica.mcu.es 
Vicente Espinosa Carpio
Valencia en barro

until 17 September

National Ceramics Museum presents the exhibition "Valencia clay" that brings together works from different periods of the Valencian ceramist Vicente Espinosa Carpio (Alfara del Patriarca, 1948).
Museo y Colegio del Arte Mayor de la Seda de Valencia

Calle Hospital, 7 46001 Valencia

fore more info see: http://museodelasedavalencia.com/
Museu de les Ciénces Principe Felipe

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias 46013 Valencia 

for more info see: http://cac.es/museo
Manolo Valdés

Monumental Sculpture

Until 10 December 

The exhibition of monumental sculptures by Manolo Valdés that took place last September in the emblematic Vendôme square in Paris, comes to the exteriors of the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències hand of Hortensia Herrero Foundation that brings to the lake the Museu de les Ciències six sculptures that carry the titles of "La Mariposa", "Earring", "La Diadema", "Butterflies", "the Double image" and "Pamela". 
Fundación Chirivella Soriano

Palau Joan de Valeriola. Valeriola, 13 Valencia
Tel.: 963 381 215

For more inforamtion see: www.chirivellasoriano.org
Bombas Gens Centre d´Art

Avda. Burjassot 54, 46009 Valencia
Tel: 963 942 660

For more info see: http://bombasgens.com 
Colección Per Amor a l´Art
¿Ornamento = Delito?

until 25 February 2018

This exhibition presents the work of various artists from the Collection Per Amor a l'Art, working in that relationship and experience other representative logical and transform the formal hierarchies between form and content, between foreground and backplane, between center and periphery , located between a watch and a floating look.
Bleda y Rosa
Geografía del tiempo

until 19 November

Bleda and Rosa, who received the 2008 National Photography Prize awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Spain, is one of the most important references of contemporary Spanish photography. His work suggests, from an excellent formal invoice, a critical question about the pictures and the story about the relationship between past and present, and on the speeches and visions that through this relationship.
Historias de Bombas Gens

until 14 January 2018

This exhibition traces some of the stories of Gens Bombas from its construction to the present through a series of images, objects and testimonies that show the architecture, the scope of work inside the factory, the urban context and some of the most significant moments in its history.

The exhibition features graphic documents, photographs and various objects found inside during the restoration process as well as testimonials of people who worked or were part of the life of the building. Similarly it shows the process of rehabilitation has continued to become headquarters of the Fundació Per Amor a l'Art and pumps Gens d'Art Center, during which they have uncovered a hold of the fifteenth century and a refuge of the Civil War.
Centro del Carmen

Museum Street, 2 46003 Valencia

Tel: 963 152 024/961 922 640
email: consorcidemuseus@gva.es

for more info see: http:/consorciomuseos.gva.es
Valencians landscapes, tourist territory

Until September 24

Exhibition with photographs of Miguel Lorenzo, Miquel French, Pep molting and Adela Talavera.

This exhibition contains images of the most important Valencian tourist landscapes. The landscape shows the identity, character and the essence of a territory. And this is eminently tourist.
 through the experience of the landscape.
gallery 9

Conde Salvatierra 9 46004 Valencia

Tel: 963 940 815
email: info@galeria9.es

for more info see: http://galeria9.es 
Galería Ana Serratosa Arte

Pascual y Genis, 19 46002 Valencia

Tel: 963 509 000
email: info@anaserratosa.com

for more info see: http://anaserratosa.es 
Galeria Cuatro

Calle la Nave 25 46003 Valencia

Tel: 963 51 00 63
email: galeria4@terra.com

for more info see: http://galeriacuatro.es/ 
Galería Imprevisual

Doctor Sumsi, 35 Under-Izq 46005 Valencia

Tel .: 685827523/960041643
email: imprevisualgaleria@gmail.com

for more info see: http://imprevisual.es/ 
Galeria Plastic Murs

Denia, 45 46004 Valencia

for more info see: http://plasticmurs.com 
Galería Shiras

Calle Vilaragut 3 46002 Valencia

for more info see: http://www.shirasgaleria.es
Jardín Botánico de la Universidad de Valencia

Quart, 80 46008 Valencia

for more info see: http://jardibotanic.org/ 
Manuel Sáez

Por las ramas

until 24 September

The Botanical hosts a special exhibition Por las ramas, the painter Manuel Sáez, representing a return to the Garden twenty one years after their exposure Tropics . For the occasion la estufa fria is transformed into a new exhibition space and houses the color strength and the suggestion of the plot of the proposal Manuel.
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